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Daniel Ambash, Franco-Israeli composer, dancer and choreographer, who performed with such prestigious international dance companies as Béjart (Belgium), Bat Dor (Israel), Maguy Marin (France), created in Israel, in 1993, a troupe of performance artists composed primarily of members

of his large and unconventional family, all of whom are religious.  

Accused of having “enslaved” six women and their children – including his own – Ambash was condemned, in October 2013, to twenty-six years in prison. 

Is this a trial of itinerant marginals?  A Soviet-style witch hunt confounded by the cult scandals that have dominated the press?

Our documentary will present Daniel Ambash, man and artist. To these women who have been labeled "slaves" or “Golem” by the police, the media and the Israeli justice system, invalidating their testimony, we will give back the right to free speech. Who are they ? What was this "communal life" they chose ? Like a road movie aboard an Israeli bus, the film intends to revisit these women’s diverse past histories and restore their voice and their dignity.

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A Documentary by Jessica Vaturi-Dembo

Director of Photography will be Ofer Inov. Inov has worked with Joseh Cedar, Assi Dayan and Amos Guitaï and was twice awarded the Ofir Award. His films include the Oscar-nominated Beaufort, The Ambassador, and Campfire.  Editor and director Ziva Postek will be Head Editor. Film credits include Shoah by Lanzman, Stars, and To Be An Israeli Woman. Nadav Harel will collaborate as a an Editor. Film credits include Ushpizin, Area K, Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys.