Consequently, they were fighting a “just war” against the Infidels, while on their way, they had annihilated the Jewish communities of the Rhineland. Once they arrived in Jerusalem, they wiped out the local Jewish communities, while waging relentless battle against the Muslims. Saladin’s victory ruined their position in the Middle East. The exile of the Jewish people went on until 1948. All through those 2000 years of wandering, Jerusalem remained the chief reference of the exiles. It represented their horizon and their hope. Not long after the Shoah, a UN vote restored their sovereignty over the Land of Zion. In 62 years of its existence, the State of Israel has experienced seven wars.

There too, the subterranean city must be examined as a witness of History and of concealed mythologies. The archeologists wage battles -ideological and geopolitical- over the issue of what lies below ground. The historians wield narratives in combat. Wars of position and wars of attrition call international public opinion, the media and school books as witnesses or hold them as hostages. Disinformation spreads its rays. It is made up of propaganda and falsehoods. It has to do again and always with Urban Anatomy when concerning Jerusalem -the capital of man’s coming close to the divine- where its hills -ground of high spirituality- swell with men’s blood.
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