A floor strewn with old cardboard marked by the absorbed overflow of previous work — like so much dead skin, bloated, variegated, worn down with each visitor's step. On this floor, where the materials oxidize, where the mold thrives and the dust gathers, a gestation of forms will develop. The work of décomposition and maturation makes the matter live,breathe, flourish and take form. Each visitor is invited to leave his mark, to make an "imprint" upon this humus rich with metamorphic possibilities.

Over this fertile ground, Jessica Vaturi lays raw linen canvas. With an indelible blue marker, she draws a form. Some forms, biographical in origin, make use of her own photos, as it is the case with the Ancestral Figure séries. Others, in the Open Body/ Concealed Body, after Vésale séries, are inspired by André Vésale's anatomical plate 61, book IV of De Humani Corporis Fabrica.

Vaturi retraces the form with a finger dipped in glue. The blue penetrates clear through the canvas, inaugurating a reverse side. With a swift hand, she pours black and white gesso along the lines, working in sync with the matter's plasticity in the newly traced contours.

01 / 05

Catalogue : Being Time, Being Space
2002 - Galerie Avivson

Accidents and transversals

Translation : Jennifer Pinard