White upon white... Milky, almost incomplete silhouettes are out-lined -
almost vague, half blurred, uncertain, tense, swollen-against white
backgrounds. Vaturi often peints in white the Ancestral Figure séries
and the Open Body/Concealed Body, afrer Vésale séries.
The white color is undecided, undeterminded, equivocal, imperfect,
floating, blurry and blurring, almost indistinct, hazy; and yet white
silhouettes stand up undestructible, firm and consistent.
They are fragile, apparently perishable, precarious, mortel but they endure.
They live on. They walk across the threshold of death.
They resist all the more. Whiteness resists. It is persistent.
It endures. It supports. Whiteness struggles, défends itself.

Vaturi makes up imperfect, approximate, impure, mixed, crossbred whites.
Her works are made of acrylic coats, glue, coffee, pigments.
The coats, while drying, bite, attack, puff up the canvas; they distort,
impair, disguise it. Vaturi's studio is humus that nurtures work.
Her work consists in gathering, mounting, pasting, but also in cutting,
scarifying, lancing. It is a repair, a restoration, as well as a cut, a wound.
Vaturi creates stratas, layers, "blankets", super impositions.
01 / 03

Catalogue : Being Time, Being Space
2002 - Galerie Avivson  

Ancestor and feminity

Translation: Sam Hochmic